The “ForteBraccio Veregrense” scrima school was founded in 2003 by the Captain and Magister Diego Giulietti, who was before a member of “Arme Ascolum” of Ascoli Piceno, one of the most ancient Italian scrima school.


The Fellowship, besides the study and the research of the ancient European martial art, re-enacts the fights and the lifestyle of various historical periods and people. Three in particular:


- The Lombard Fara of the Spoleto’s  dukedom (VII-VIII Century).

- The “Lancia Templare” or the “Militia Comunale Italiana” (XII-XIII Century).

- The “Compagnia di Ventura” (XV Century).

Great emphasis is dedicated to the re-enactment of the Lombard Period in Italy (VI-VIII Century), so that they deserve to be appreciated by important historians and archaeologists, such as the medievalist Mrs. Elena Percivaldi and the Professor Marco Valenti.

Thanks to the Fellowship quality, it collaborated and it’s still collaborating with:

- Nocera Umbra Proloco for the organization of the “Luglio Longobardo” event.

- Since 2010 they collaborated with the Re-enactment Association “La Fara” for the promotion and the valorisation of historical and educational events, both in Italy and in foreign countries, among which the event “Anno Domini 568” in Cividale del Friuli (UD).

- It is one of the associations which constituted the E.M.A.i.A. Project (Early Middle Ages in Action): coordination and qualitative standards for the re-enactment periods XI-X Century.

-It was invited to the opening cerimony of the Early Medieval Museum of Ascoli Piceno and it is often there to enliven the events organised by the Museum.

-Macenano Proloco, since 2010 they organised “Valnerina Longobarda”, the first Lombard re-enactment  in the Centre of Italy.

- In the 2011 “ForteBraccio Veregrense” took part at a celebrative event named “Medieval Night” for the UNESCO recognition of Monte Sant’Angelo (FG).

- The fellowship collaborated also with the Soldier Shop Publishing for the publication of an illustrated manual  entitled “ The Lombards” (ed. 2012).

“ForteBraccio Veregrense” continues its partnership with important associations such as: Arte Nomade of Macerata,  for which is managing the historical camp in one of the most famous Celtic festival in Italy: “Montelago Celtic Festival”.  The fellowship also realised with Arte Nomade the event called “Ascoli Celtica”.

 They  were present at other prestigious events too: the "Beltane Celtic Festival” in Biella, the "Fornarina Feast" in San Ginesio"  in collaboration with other associations, “Città Medioevo” in Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM), “Templaria Festival” in Castignano, “La Contesa della Margutta” in Corridonia (MC), "Medieval open air Market" and "Ordail: the God's judgment" in Ascoli Piceno (AP),“Palio dei Terzieri in Montecassiano, “Hispellum” in Spello (PG), “Historical Re-enactment and Celtic Music Festival” in Radicofani (SI), “Medieval Night” in Monte Sant’Angelo (FG), “The Third National Conference about the Lombard Presence in Italian Regions” in Nocera Umbra (PG) and many others in Italy and in the Marche region.


The Fellowship was served in some RAI television footage in Caldarola at Pallotta’s Castle and in Castignano, it collaborated also with Sydonia Production on the documentary “Searching  for the Face of Jesus” .